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Plug in Bushings

Interface A - Interface B - Interface C - Interface D - Interface F
NBR , Mantar, Viton conta seçenekleri

12-24kV 250A  L=171mm Interface A
12-24kV 250A  L=190mm Interface A
12-24kV 250A  L=223mm Interface A
12-24kV 250A  L=284mm Interface A
36kV 250A  L=240mm Interface B
12-24-36kV 400A L=243mm Interface B
12-24-36kV 400A L=310mm Interface B
12-24-36kV 400A L=380mm Interface B
12-24-36kV 630A L=320mm Interface C1
12-24-36kV 630A L=332mm Interface C1
12-24-36kV 630A L=380mm Interface C1
12-24-36kV 1250A L=332mm Interface C2
12-24-36kV 1250A L=332mm Interface D
52kV 2500A L=364mm Interface F

For Oil-Distribution Transformers Indoor Type Plug-in Bushings
All types of Plug-in Bushing are manufactured compatible with separable cable connectors as 12-24-36 kV and from 250 A to1250 A, The connection is bolted type.
All of products for Plug-in Bushings are produced in accordance with EN 50180, 50181 and IEC 60137
Plactic Cover, 4 pcs E clamps , Fixing ring, Earthing cable, Gasket, brass nuts&washers

IEC 60137 Partial discharge measurement test , AC Withstand (Power frequency withstand test DRY)