Trafo Kazanı

We can supply you transformer tanks with Full compliance with Customer  specifications and requirements .   


  • Wide product range and ability of tailor-made solutions
  • High quality production and comparatively low cost
  • Effective Project Management 

Our Strengths

  • 125 tons / month  Metal Working capacity 
  • Strong experience, high quality of standards and customized products. 
  • Customer oriented approach with tailor-made offers.
  • Innovative Solutions  &  Design capability.

Transformers Metal Parts Capacity Product Range
Tank (Flat Wall) 100 tons / month up to 23 tons
Tank Cover 8 tons / month all types
Cable Box  5 tons / month all types
Conservator 5 tons / month all types
Dome 3 tons / month all types
Clambing Steel 2 tons / month all types
Enclosure 2 tons / month IP2X,IP3X,IP4X



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Cable Box

Painted Products - Power Transformers


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