İletişim Formu
Buchholz Rölesi DN25 Dişli

Screwed 1 ½” connection

ARES Buchholz Relay in accordance with EN 50216-2 protects liquid immersed transformers and reactors with conservator. It will be mounted in the pipeline between transformer and conservator tank.
ARES Buchholz Relay  operates as a protection device that can be provided with two contacts for alarm and tripping.  
Your benefits  
Reed switches for detection of gas formation and dropping oil level
Flap valve to protect in case of excessive oil flow rate
Switch elements separated from the oil circuit
Mechanical testing of contact switches (test button)
Buchholz Relay MBP in accordance with EN 50216-2
Connection:   thread connection G 1 1/2"
Reed switches up to 2 NO or 2 CO   contacts per function , Ambient temperature: -30 °C bis 55 °C, IP65